Uyama Hiroto feat. Hanah Spring
You Don't Have To Cry / Making Love By The Ocean

Uyama Hiroto - Extension
b/w Segawa Tatsuya - Carry More

Segawa Tatsuya - sai

Segawa Tatsuya - sai e.p (cassette tape)

Uyama Hiroto - magicnumber feat. Marter
b/w Segawa Tatsuya - behind the peak

uyama hiroto - freeform jazz

Uyama Hiroto - 
Light b/w End Of The Road

Uyama Hiroto - freedom of the son

Uyama Hiroto - One Day b/w in the sea

Segawa Tatsuya -
HugeWave b/w Silent of SMINYAK

Uyama Hiroto - 
Waltz for Life ~song for children~
b/w After the Dream