freeform jazz – Uyama Hiroto

An impulsive work and a new frontier. It can also be called a Japanese Free Jazz proposal.
Uyama Hiroto’s ambitious work

2nd Nov. 2016 release. mini poster and Liner notes of Uyama Hiroto
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2LP (Japan release)
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01. Into The Freedom 
02. Yin and Yang 
03. Taiko 
04. Skipper 
05. Laidback 
06. Unconscious 
07. Solidscreme 
08. Fools No Rules 
  feat Segawa Tatsuya 
09. Waltz For Real World 
10. South Side feat Shing02 
11. Departure 
12. Yamato Damasii 
13. Posse feat Segawa Tatsuya 
14. Imagination 
15. Spacemountain 
16. Route16 
17. Minano Pride 
18. Spin The Truth *CD bonus track 

produced by Uyama Hiroto 
recorded and mixed, mastered by Uyama Hiroto at salnasounds studio
directed by Koizumi Takumi 
art work by Kensuke Takahashi
track 05 scratched by DEMI DOPE
track 08/13 trumpet by Segawa Tatsuya
track 10 written by Annen Shingo, Scratched by Spin Master a-1


Japan Version
film by Hajime Aoki / Naoyuki Kojima
Hawaii director of photography: Zane Harp
Hawaii Version
Hawaii Version: directed & edited by Shing02
Hawaii director of photography: Zane Harp
Japan film by Hajime Aoki / Naoyuki Kojima

This work is different from Hiroto Uyama’s previous works.
This is an ambitious work that approaches the fundamentals of his own music, which he discovered while experimentally creating music.

Previous works have pursued stylistic beauty within genres such as Hip Hop and Jazz, but this work deals with the deepest parts of the heart and honestly projects the emotions that arise in the sound. It was created by liberating the techniques and technology that have been cultivated over the years.

Both are Uyama Hiroto’s works, but if his past works were architectural in their production process, this work can be said to be an impulsive piece, littered with overflowing phrases and beats.
Therefore, through the album, there are familiar Uyama Hiroto sounds such as folk melodies, wild percussion instruments, and the tones of spiritual instruments such as bamboo flutes, which are engraved in the DNA of Japanese people, but you suddenly hear unexpected aspects. It is not uncommon for people to have their personal information taken away from them.
In addition, I am not bound by my past self, but also by the conventional concepts and etiquette of Hip Hop and Jazz.
It is also a proposal for a completely new Japanese Free Jazz.

This collection of works that directly expresses the swells in his heart that were born in his musical life are truly the result of the metabolism of musical energy, and the result is an album that makes you feel the further potential of Hiroto Uyama. There is.

本作は今までのUyama Hirotoの作品とは一線を画す。 
これまでの作品はHip HopやJazzと言ったジャンルの中での様式美を追求した作品であったが、今作は心の深層部と向き合い、湧き上がる感情を素直に音に投影し、それをこれまで培ったテクニックやテクノロジーにより解放することによって生まれた。 
どちらもUyama Hirotoの作品ではあるが、制作過程において過去作が建築的であるとすれば、今作は溢れ出たフレーズやビートが散りばめられた衝動的作品と言える。 
それ故、アルバムを通して日本人であるDNAに刻みこまれた民謡的メロディ、野生的な打楽器、竹笛等のスピリチュアルな楽器の音色など、耳慣れたUyama Hirotoらしさもありながら、意外な側面にふと耳を奪われることも少なくない。 
また、過去の自分だけでなく、Hip HopやJazzのお決まりの概念やマナーにとらわれない、 
全く新しいJapanese Free Jazzの提案でもある。 
彼の音楽人生の中で、生まれるべくして生まれた心のうねりをストレートに表現した作品群は、まさに音楽エネルギーの代謝の賜物であり、Uyama Hirotoの更なる可能性を感じさせるアルバムに仕上がっている。