freedom of the son – Uyama Hiroto

Uyama Hiroto’s 2nd album 2LP will be released in April 2022! -22th Feb 2022-

Digipack jacket CD.
18th Oct 2014 release
album release 18th Oct 2014.It is distributed on many streaming channels including Apple and Spotify.
Apple Music
Cover Art Poster, Art by FJD,size H585mm x W658mm
2LP (Japan release)
2xLP Japanese Edition (Black Vinyl), Mini poster and lyric sheet include, Limited Edition
2LP (Europe release)
2xLP Europe Edition (clear color Vinyl), Mini poster and lyric sheet include, release from Vinyl Digital
Vinyl DIgital

01.81 autumn 
03.One Day 
05.Waltz For Life -song for children 
06.Relax Your Mind feat. Pase Rock 
07.Reminiscence Jazz feat. Segawa Tatsuya 
08.Soul Of Freedom feat. Cise Starr 
09.Spektrum feat. Fat Jon 
10.Path Of Wind 
12.Waiting For… 
13 Become One Live Sun 
14.Peaceful Quiet feat. yu-ri (BLU-SWING) 
15.Just For You 

produced by Uyama Hiroto 
directed by Koizumi Takumi 
art work by FJD 

The shocking second movement, which was conceived for 6 years by Hiroto Uyama, a key person who continued to support Nujabes Works as a player and track maker, has finally begun.

Released in 2003, he provided “Letter From Yokosuka” on nujabes’ “metaphorical music” and was featured on his title song on “modal soul” released in 2005. The most important person who has supported Uyama Hiroto since Genesis. His debut album A Son of the Sun'' released on the same label in 2008 achieved record sales and continues to captivate many listeners. Since then, he has been working with him as an ally for 6 years, and he overcame the big barrier of nujabes' passing and created the labelroph reocrdings”, which he himself sponsored, in order to pass on his ism to future generations and further sublimate it. ” begins the second movement of his Uyama Hiroto.

The album opens with 81 autmun,'' a continuation of81 summer,” which was the overture to the previous album. From the intro that seems to renew the previous image, “Compass” is wonderfully colored by Uyama HIroto’s worldview, and has the highest level of perfection, expressing the birth of life and its strength. He is also a member of Fat Jon, who created the waltz “Waltz for Life ~song for children~” and many other famous songs as the control tower of Five Deez, and has left behind famous songs in Nujabes’ works, including the exceptional Pase Rock. The 15 songs, such as Cise Starr, which can be said to be the culmination of what he has cultivated through his activities up until now, are richly colored by Hiroto Uyama’s warm and humanistic view of the world.

Nujabes places absolute trust not only in his own productions, but also in his music activities such as live performances, and his previous work A Son of the Sun'' isAmidst the flood of hollow imitations,” he has created an album with an absolutely original sensibility that you can understand just by listening to it. Hiroto Uyama has a sensibility that has been praised as “Ichiban Shibori”. “Freedom Of The Son”, in which his condensed mind has finally been released, is a work that represents his 2014 and is a name that is the basis of roph recordings. It will continue to resonate as a record.

プレイヤー・トラックメイカーとして nujabes ワークスを支え続けたキーパーソン、 Uyama Hiroto が構想 6 年に及ぶ衝撃の第二楽章が遂に幕を開ける。 

2003 年にリリースされた nujabes「metaphorical music」にて「Letter From Yokosuka」を提供し、2005 年にリリースされた「modal soul」では タイトル曲にフィーチャーされる等、nujabes、hydeout produtions を創世記から支えて来た最重要人物である Uyama Hiroto。2008 年に同レーベル よりリリースされたデビューアルバム「a son of the sun」では、記録的なセールスをたたき出し、多くのリスナーを今なお魅了し続けている。 それから 6 年、盟友として活動を共にして来た nujabes の他界という大きな障壁を乗り越え、イズムを後世に残し、さらに昇華させる為に 自らが主催となって立ち上げたレーベル「roph reocrdings」より Uyama Hiroto の第二楽章が幕を開ける。 

前作の序曲でもあった「81summer」の続章「81 autmun」からアルバムが幕をあける。今までのイメージを刷新するかのようなイントロから見事なまでに Uyama HIroto の世界観に彩られて行く「Compass」、生命の誕生とその力強さを表現した、最高峰の完成度を持つワルツ「Waltz for Life ~song for children~」、その他にも Five Deez の司令塔として数々の名曲を産み出して来た Fat Jon と同じくメンバーで、異才を放つPase Rock をはじめ、Nujabes 作品でも名曲を残す Cise Starr 等今までの活動を通じて培って来た集大成とも言える 15 曲が Uyama Hiroto の織りなす人間味のある暖かな世界観によって色彩豊かに彩られている。 

nujabes が自身の制作のみならず、ライブ等音楽活動において絶対なまでに信頼を置き、前作「a son of the sun」を「虚ろな模倣作品が氾濫する中、 聴けば分かる”絶対オリジナルな感性の一番搾り”」とまで賛辞した感性の持ち主である Uyama Hiroto。前作から内容の濃い 6 年間というレイヤーを 重ね続け、凝縮されたマインドが遂に解き放たれた「Freedom Of The Son」」は 2014 年を代表する作品であり、roph recordings の根幹となる 名盤として今後も響き続けるだろう。