Light b/w End of the road – Uyama Hiroto

Single cut “Light” from the album
We will be releasing a 7-inch album that includes the new song “End Of The Road.”

7inch vinyl
2015.07.30 release
Streaming – Light
from the album “Freedom of the son”
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Streaming – End of the road
Single release
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side one : Light
side two : End Of The Road

produced by Uyama Hiroto
directed by Koizumi Takumi
artwork by FJD
7inch vinyl & digital release

A 7-inch disc that includes “Light” and new songs from the 2nd album “Freedom of the Son”.
A euphoric Light that expresses the warm light of the morning sun filtering through the trees. A song that perfectly matches the bouncy beat, elegant piano and vocals, powerful saxophone, and a floating track. Popular songs from his 2nd album, which was only released on CD, are included on his 7-inch disc.
Side two includes his first new song “End Of The Road” since the release of his 2nd album. It is an emotional work reminiscent of Minas music, which has a great influence on Hiroto Uyama’s music.
The jacket was created by FJD, who also did the artwork for the preceding singles “One Day” to “Freedom of the Son.” The jacket expresses the path of light and stars in the passage of time that occurs in “some world we don’t yet know,” as expressed in the album artwork.

2nd album”freedom of the son”から”Light”と新曲を収録した 7 インチ。

朝日の木漏れ日のような暖かな光を表現した多幸感溢れる Light。跳ねたビートに流麗なピアノと歌声、そして力強いサックスと 浮遊感のあるトラックがベストマッチした楽曲。CD のみのリリースだった 2nd album でも人気の曲を 7 インチに収録。

side two には 2nd album リリース後初となる新曲”End Of The Road”を収録。 宇山寛人の音楽に大きな影響を与えているミナス音楽を彷彿させるエモーショナルな作品となっている。

ジャケットは先行シングルの「One Day」〜「freedom of the son」でもアートワークを勤めた FJD による作品。 アルバムアートワークで表現された「まだ僕たちの知らないどこかの世界」で起こる時間経過の中で、 光と星の道を表現したジャケットになっている。